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Counseling Women

In today's world, women can feel that they need to be masculine, extra outgoing, and pragmatic in order to manifest a life they love. This is 100% not the case! As a result of many years of working with women, I have developed a holistic method that guides women to use their intuition to instinctively know what they want and how to manifest it. 

With a background in energy healing science, I bring a unique intuitive skill set to my practice. I have a natural heightened ability to perceive somatic traumas that may be buried deep inside the unconscious mind and body. I specialize in mind, body soul embodiment, emotional mastery, the nervous system, somatic theory and release, stress and burnout, mindset, subconscious blocks and reprogramming, inner child work, guided meditations and visualization, energy medicine, using movement as medicine, frequency healing and much more. The combination of both trauma therapy, as well as somatic energy healing, results in a highly effective treatment approach for integrative healing. It is my great pleasure to inspire women to connect back to their soul and intuition so they can attract the life they love.

Women: Services
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